Body Exfoliation | $45 | 30 min
Body Exfoliation & Massage* | $90 | 60 min or $125 | 90 min
Cocoon Body Wrap Includes body exfoliation and massage* | $125 | 90 min

*Massage can not be paid by insurance.


Authentic Thai massage is assisted stretching of your muscles, only going as far as your flexibility allows. This massage is performed with relaxed-fitting clothes on. Thai Aroma Oil Massage is more like traditional western massage. Thai massage services can not be booked online. Please contact us by phone directly.

Thai Foot Massage* | $45 | 30 min
Thai Body Massage* | $80 | 1 hour
Thai Aroma Oil Massage* | $80 | 60 min or $120 | 90 min
Thai Body Exfoliation and Aroma Oil Massage* | $135 | 1 hour 30 min

*Massage can not be paid by insurance.

Breathe... this time is for you

Spa Relaxation Massage*  $80 | 60 min or $120 | 90 min

*Massage can not be paid by insurance

Pressure Massage

Massages that warm up the muscles for a deeper rest.

Pressure Massage* $80 | 60 min or $120 | 90 min. 

*Massage can not be paid by insurance.


This collection of services are designed to provide TIME, SPACE and SILENCE. Your hands, your feet or your whole body will be introduced to luxurious products that are designed with wellness in mind. Cleanse, Scrub, Massage, Warm and Cool stones are used to discover the balance within!

Wellness Treatment (Body) | $125 | 1 hour 30 min

Assisted Stretching

Begin your journey with a breath, prepare to release your stress with ​assisted stretching from head to toes.

Assisted Stretching | $85 | 1 hour
Assisted Stretching & Massage* |$85| 1 hour

*Massage can not be paid by insurance.


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