Bodycare & Massage


Body Exfoliation & 30 min Massage* | $100
Body Exfoliation & 60 min Massage* | $135 
Cocoon Body Wrap Includes body exfoliation and massage* | $135 | 90 min

*Massage can not be paid by insurance; not RMT

THAI SERVICES *will be back Spring 2024*

Authentic Thai massage is assisted stretching of your muscles, only going as far as your flexibility allows. This massage is performed with relaxed-fitting clothes on. Thai Aroma Oil Massage is more like traditional western massage. Thai massage services can not be booked online. Please contact us by phone directly.

Thai Foot Massage* | $45 | 30 min
Thai Body Massage* | $90 | 1 hour
Thai Aroma Oil Massage* | $80 | 60 min or $120 | 90 min
Thai Body Exfoliation and Aroma Oil Massage* | $135 | 1 hour 30 min

*Massage can not be paid by insurance; not RMT

Breathe... this time is for you

Spa Relaxation Massage*  $90 | 60 min or $130 | 90 min
Pressure Massage for deep muscle relaxation* $90 | 60 min or $130 | 90 min
*Massage can not be paid by insurance; not RMT

*LIMITED TIME OFFER* 4 Hand Massage* $180 | 60 min
In a four-hands massage, two therapists work on one client, often using synchronized moves. A four-hands massage can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time for a deeper relaxation experience.

*Please note this massage is not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Not covered by Insurance.


Indulge yourself with the ultimate in relaxation and full-body wellness with this aromatic body treatment featuring notes of orange and mimosa. A Creamy poppy seed scrub and energetic body brushing invigorate the senses and refine the skin surface. A cocooning nourishing wrap with age-defying plant stem cells and yellow poppy extracts helps firm and smooth the skin and leave you feeling renewed and relaxed.
Take home your brush after your service.
$129 | 1 hour


Drift away with the feeling of an ocean wave in this multisensorial body treatment with aromatic eucalyptus and lavender.
To start your journey to full-body wellness and awaken the senses, a unique oil-to-foam enzyme exfoliation is applied with invigorating body brushing. A warm cocooning cream wrap infused with red algae envelops the body to boost cellular energy and deeply hydrate the skin leaving you refreshed and energized.
Take home your new brush after your service.
$129 | 1 hour


An aromatic, firming, and detoxifying body treatment with mood-lifting notes of orange, mimosa, and vanilla musk.
A body polish from natural poppy seeds, followed by an invigorating skin brushing that promotes circulation and lymphatic flow, then a wrap from shoulder to toe, ended with a massage.
Take home your brush for another Spa day.
$159 | 90 min


Inspired by the natural currents f the ocean, this aromatic and energizing body treatment stimulates, with wave-like movements, the body for the ultimate sensation of total body wellness.
To begin, a unique oil-to-foam natural enzyme exfoliation is applied to smooth the skin. An invigorating brushing encourages lymphatic flow and prepares the skin to drink in the benefits of the cocooning cream wrap to follow. To conclude, indulge in a deeply nourishing massage.
Take home your new brush.
$159 | 90 min


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