We provide facials using luxury products Yonka and Babor.
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Facials using Yonka products.

Intermezzo | $35 | 15 min
A quick beauty treatment that increases radiance.

Escale Beaute | $60 | 45 min
The beauty break; Purifying, Hydrating, Anti-aging

Plaisir d'Aromes | $90 | 1 hour
Deliciously aromatic: a unique moment of complete relaxation and escape.

Eclat Cocoon | $110 | 1 hour
Relaxing and highly hydrating facial with hot stones.

Vital Defense | $100 | 1 hour
Antioxidant and anti-pollutant cleansing facial.

Le Grand Classique | $120 | 1 hour 30 min
Deep pore cleansing, restoring, and relaxing facial.

Alpha-Vital | $100 | 1 hour
Resurfacing and renewing facial with AHA.

Hydralessence | $120 | 1 hour
Long lasting, deep hydrating facial.

Optimizer | $120 | 1 hour 15 min
Lifting and firming facial.

Excellence Code | $175 | 1 hour 30 min
Global youth facial.

Men Express | $60 | 45 min
Healthy glow for men in a hurry!

Men Intensive | $120 | 1 hour 30 min
Anti-aging hydrating treatment.

Facials using Babor products

Skinovage Tailored Facial |$100 | 60 min
Skinovage Tailored Facial |$120 | 90 min

Synergistically formulated with advanced age prevention ingredients, including highly active concentrates applied with specific massages. This advanced treatment is designed to stimulate the anti-aging mechanism to prevent visible signs of aging. The skin is left refreshed, radiant and younger-looking.

Grand Cru | $120 | 80 min

Ultimate anti-aging luxuriously wrapped in a combination of invigorating sensations, indulgent textures, relaxing touches and a sensual rose damask scent that lifts your spirit and smooths your skin. Combined with the ultra-effective BABOR EXPERT METHOD, this treatment will take you on a journey of rejuvenation, radiance and protection for youthful, velvety-soft skin. Our expert touch and precise ingredients relax wrinkles, melt stress and impart a radiant glow for hours to come.

DOCTOR BABOR Prescription Therapy | $120 | 60 min

Specific and focused on individual skin challenges, these prescription therapies are just what the doctor ordered. Our expert skin therapists will customize an advanced cosmeceutical treatment to obtain your optimal skin care results. Combining high-performance cosmeceuticals with an indulgent facial experience, this highly-experiential treatment leaves you completely relaxed with results you can see and feel. Who says results have to be painful?

DOCTOR BABOR TheraPRO* Peeling Treatment $120 | 60 min
DOCTOR BABOR TheraPRO* Peeling Treatment $150 | 90 min

Inflamm-aging is a growing concern in the aging process. This treatment is the latest innovation in noninvasive skin resurfacing. A unique blend of AHA’s and controlled pH values of the TheraPRO peels work from the inside out without inflammation. Suitable for all skin types and targeting conditions of rough, dry, oily skin, enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation, tired or dull complexion. Signs of aging are diminished immediately; the skin is more youthful over time.

*The TheraPRO peels may also be recommended in a series

HSR | $120 | 90 min

The anti-wrinkle expert; our High Skin Refiner treatment will smooth, plump and lift every type of wrinkle while firming and toning the skin. The result is a more youthful, well contoured face.

ReVersive | $150 | 90 min

Turn back the clock and unlock the natural anti-aging mechanisms of your skin. This treatment will provide incredible luminosity and radiance while increasing cell turn over and triggering the slow down of chronological aging process revealing a perfect, ageless complexion.

Ampoule Facial | $30 | 30 min

Enjoy a delicious moment of relaxation with this facial, which includes the application of one of our wide selection of ampoules.


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