We provide facials using luxury products from Yonka and Babor.
Select your favourite Facial:

Discovery Facial Experience 

Discovery Facial includes an in depth skin consultation, designed to help with your skin care purchases.
Cleansing and treatment serums and creams tailored to meet your desired beauty goals.

No charge for this facial with your Downtown Inc card plus a $100.00 retail purchase
Without your Downtown Inc card, a $150.00 retail purchase is required.

| $60.00 | 30 min 

Brightening Photo Facial or Brightening Photo Facial & Décolleté 

Brightening Photo Facial & Décolleté includes an in depth skin consultation, pre photos, consent form, and possible downtime.
This light-based technology provides an even skin tone by reducing redness and pigment spots using Alma DYE VL with AFT Technology.
Best result if received in a series of 3.

| $ 175.00 or $ 250.00 |  30min - 45 min

Express Facial

Express Facial can address all skin types and concerns in a 45 minute express skin treatment.
Includes an in-depth skin consultation, customized skin products, and homecare recommendations.
Option to purchase a series of 4 at a discounted price.

| $ 80.00 | 45 min

Classic Facial

Classic facial is a 60 minute treatment that can be adapted to all skin types and conditions
that need a little more attention in areas of concern.

| $100.00 |  60 minutes

Wellness Facial

Wellness Facials are designed to take you and your skin on a journey of relaxation!
Delicious textures and fragrances allow you a unique moment to fully relax and let go.

| $120.00 |  60 minutes


Medi Facil is for the demanding skin in need of immediate results.
These treatments are just what the doctor ordered.
Our expert skin therapists will customize an advanced cosmeceutical treatment to obtain your optimal skin care results.
Intensive exfoliation, brightening or regeneration.
Effective not aggressive on your skin!

| $150.00 | 60 minutes

Deep Cleansing Facial 

Deep cleansing treatment with extractions.
Great first facial when cleansing is the priority.

| $130.00 | 75 minutes

Ageing Well Facial 

Optimal lift effect, firming contouring facial:
The ultimate treatment for visibly younger looking skin that provides firmer and smoother, redefined facial contours with a lifting effect.
Recommended as a treatment course, once a week for 4 consecutive weeks or monthly as routine care.

| $160.00 | 75 minutes

Ultimate Luxurious Facial Experience 

Luxurious skincare treatment.
For anyone who wants to be wrapped in luxury with rare and precious oils and creams,
experience a unique massage created for optimal results!

| $250.00 | 1 hr 45 minutes


Let your Spa Therapist know if you have a preference towards Yonka. 
As all facials can be preformed with a Yonka Protocol.


Babor Facials

Let your Spa Therapist know if you have a preference towards Babor. 
As all facials can be preformed with a Babor Protocol.



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